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SandMan Products is the manufacturer and retailer of Sand Pro Sanding Tables, Sanding Booths, & Inspection Lights.  Sand Pro Sanding Tables and Sanding Booths come standard with netted pre-filter, for larger particles such as router chips, and AirGuard DP-40 MERV 8 Filters.  PowerGuard MERV 11 Filters are also available.  Filters are available nationally as well as directly through us and generally hold 8-16 hours of sanding dust. At that time they should be cleaned. Our optional filter cleaning hood makes for a convenient way to clean filters.  Filters used full time should be replaced every 4-6 weeks.


Tops of the Sand Pro downdraft tables are 1/4″ ABS plastic sprayed with a rubberized coating.  The thin top allows for maximum air flow and are supported with an aluminum tube frame.  Providing a durable and versatile sanding surface.   Sanding can be done directly on top of the Sand Pro or on Felt-lined platforms that come with each sanding table.  Platforms allow for sanding larger pieces that would otherwise restrict the air flow as well as edge sanding over the table.  Sand Pro downdraft sanding tables arrive fully assembled except for a few minor items.
Perfect for assembled items that are large, such as case goods, the Sand Pro Sanding Booth is a practical solution for backdraft filtration.  They are also ideal for those looking to sand on a table lower than a downdraft table can provide.  Air is exhausted out of the top of these machines.  Sanding booths can be combined to make a larger backdraft wall.  
Save time and money by speeding up production and avoiding costly rework.  Sand Pro Inspection Lights allow you to see scratches, swirl marks, and other imperfections before the material is finished.  These low angle inspection lights use Non-glaring flat beam bulbs to illuminate work while eliminating eye strain. 12-volt transformer allows light to be on all day while keeping heat output to a minimum.  Light beam is micro-adjustable.  Welded diamond plate construction.  These sanding inspection lights works great on sanding tables, wide belt sanders, and in quality control.
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