President’s Message

Since 1998 SandMan Products LLC has been manufacturing Sand Pro Sanding Tables.   Practical, user-friendly, self-contained Sand Pro downdraft tables provide a clean work environment for shops of all sizes, in a variety of industries.    Having had an extensive background in the woodworking industry, Lloyd knew first hand the terrible, filthy, unhealthy conditions that go with finish sanding and the problems it causes.  Problems such as having a quality finish and high employee turnover.   Perplexed by how companies both large and small often did nothing with their sanding dust problem, Lloyd dedicated himself to finding a solution.  Sand Pro downdraft sanding tables have been clearing the air for the woodworking, aerospace, and many other fields ever since. 
If your shop has a sanding dust problem, please consider the following:
  1. Dust masks – Not very comfortable to wear.
  2. Room air cleaner – Not very efficient, does not collect sanding dust at the source.
  3. Natural drafts and fans simply spread the dust.
  4. Downdraft tables trap dust at the source, and are convenient to use.
If a cleaner, healthier work place is your objective, please take a closer look at our Sand Pro sanding tables and sanding booths. They are extremely effective and should be your first line of defense against sanding dust.
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