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The Sand Pro HC8030 is a high capacity self-contained downdraft table that uses 16-singed tube filters that are 99% efficient at 1 micron.  The dust is then dropped into two pans.  The HC8030 draws evenly through the entire top.  The 2-sided rubberized top provides twice the life of the work surface.   This machine is not only great for collecting sanding dust , but ideal for applications that remove large amounts of stock such as routing, carving, and soild surface milling.

HC8030 Brochure (PDF)

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The Sand Pro HC60362 is SandMan's first high capacity downdraft sanding station.  This unit is perfect for operations that coincide with sanding, such as routing. It has (2)-60" X 36" work stations.

HC60362 Brochure (PDF)



The DL9648 is a dedicated 8' X 4' sanding station that doubles as a workbench.  It  features 4 duplex recepticles, a grid system top, (2)-10" X 32" shelves, (2)-18" X 24" storage drawers, has easy filtering service, and uses (2)-1 1/2 HP motors.  This machine is great for sanding large items or to use as a multi-person station.

DL9648 Brochure (PDF)



This is our most popular machine as well as our most complete unit. It is a dedicated sanding station as well a workbench. The DL7236 features a separate 110V circuit with 2-duplex receptacles, adjustable bench height, a grid system top, 10.4 cubic feet of storage area, a powerful, 1½ HP motor, and easy filter servicing.

DL7236 Brochure (PDF)



This is one of our most popular machines.  At 6' X 3' it is perfect for sanding large doors, cabinets, face frames, ect. This unit features a 1 HP motor uses three pleated filters (2" X 20" X 25").

M-Serise Brochure (PDF)


(Models M6033-M4831 below use

(2)- 25" X 20" X 2" filters.)



This unit works great for the shop that needs a bigger sanding station, but is short on room. This unit is lighter and easier to maneuver with a shorter wheelbase.


This unit is large enough for 2 people to use at opposite ends. The top of the unit also features large overhangs that make it the best unit for people that sit while they sand.


This unit is great for a singular function such as doing cabinet doors, door fronts, ect. This unit has a 6" overhang on the front side making it good for sanding while sitting.


Our smallest unit that uses the same size filters as the ones above. Works great in small one and two man shops where space is a premium.

This is the perfect unit for the serious hobbyist. Unit uses 2 of the same high quality filters as other Sand Pro units but is a smaller size (2" X 20" X 20").



Comparison Chart

*Height Adjustable from 34" - 38"

Model Length Width Height Phase Voltage CFM HP Price Ship Wgt. Filter Media
HC8030 80" 30" 36" 3 220V or 440V 3900 $3495 685 Singed Tubes
DL9648 96" 48" 36" 3 220V or 440V 5400 3 $4995 1100 Pleated
DL7236 72" 36" 34"-38"* 1 220V 3200 $2595 435 Pleated
M7236 72" 36" Choose
1 110V 2800 1 $1995 380 Pleated
M6033 60" 33" 1 110V 2400 ¾ $1695 285 Pleated
M4845 48" 45" 1 110V 2400 ¾ $1695 285 Pleated
M4836 48" 36" 1 110V 2400 ¾ $1595 260 Pleated
M4831 48" 31" 1 110V 2200 ¾


245 Pleated
M4826 48" 26" 1 110V 1900 ½ $1195 230 Pleated
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