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Sand Pro downdraft sanding stations use high quality extended surface, pleated panel filters. Pleated panel filters offer significantly higher efficiency than disposable panel filters, pad and frame systems, or permanent metal filters. Sand Pro filters clean the air better than disposable panel type filters. The filters have been selected to provide a reasonably long time between cleanings and replacements.

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Principle of Operation

The shape of the pleats is carefully calculated and held in shape by a steel grid. Motion of the air through the filter and inertia of the larger causes heavier particles to be trapped at the back of the pleats. Finer particles follow the path of the air flow and are deposited on the sides of the pleats. Dirt loads uniformly throughout the filter fully utilizing all the media. As the dirt load builds efficiency increases.

Sand Pro filters demonstrate a slow steady rise in air resistance over the life of the filter. They typically last 1-2 months with daily cleaning before they require low cost replacement.

Sand Pro filter media is green in color and is produced from a blend of cotton and polyester fibers. The crinkly nature of the blended fiber media increases dust holding capacity due to the expanded surface area to hold dirt. The media is treated with a fire retardant additive for safety purposes (U.L. Class 2). The media is rated at 25-30% efficiency (ASHRAE 52.1-1992).
The arrestance value exceeds 90%.

The filter frame is made from two mating pieces of die cut beverage board that form a double wall around the entire perimeter of the filter. The entire inside surface of both pieces of the frame are coated with adhesive to bond with the media pack at all points of contact. This forms a totally unitized construction and prevents bypass.

The filter is unusually strong and rigid and will not rack, warp or bend under normal handling or operating conditions. The integral cross members add rigidity and help hold pleat shape as the dust load builds and resistance rises.


A 1/2" thick netted filter media is provided with each unit. It is placed on top of the pleated filters. Its primary purpose is to collect large particles produced when routing, ect... When only fine sanding dust is produced its use is optional.


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