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The Sand Pro line of Sanding Tables come with many outstanding features. Unlike room cleaners, Sand Pro sanding stations capture dust at the source before you have a chance to breathe it.

They won't rob CFM from your central dust collection system either. And because a Sand Pro is self-contained, on large casters, they are highly mobile. This means they will be used more often and serve multiple purposes.

Sand Pro sanding stations are designed to be the most user friendly downdraft tables on the market.

Arrives Ready to Work

Sand Pro stations arrive fully assembled except for a few minor items. Units are palletized and securely wrapped to ensure units arrive safely and are easy to handle. Units ship F.O.B. Elkhart, IN. 46514

High efficiecy filtration

(M & DL Series)

Sand Pro uses 2" deep, high efficiency, high capacity, microfine-pleated filters to capture particles as small as 1 micron. Our filters lie horizontally in a protected area, and filter the air before the motor and blower, thus keeping this area free of dust build up.

The strut assisted tilt-up top makes the filters quick to service. Without bending over, filters can be replaced in about 30 seconds. A case of 12 filters costs $99.


Quiet, Powerful, Economical

High capacity filtration and low air resistance allows the Sand Pro sanding station to operate with 3, 1½, 1, & ¾ H.P. motors, saving electricity and reducing noise while maintaining optimal CFM. Sand Pro stations measure a quiet 70-78db at ear level.

Grid System Top

(M & DL Series)

The Sand Pro top does more than support your work. It accepts pegs from your jigs, fixtures and our raised platforms. This allows you to quickly and securely locate these anywhere on our top. Our top is made of tough durable ABS plastic. Only ¼" thick, it is light and presents less resistance to air flow than ¾" tops; thus reducing drag and increasing air velocity. It is supported by a welded aluminum that guarantees it will remain flat and warp free. To give you an ideal no slip work surface the top is top coated with a rubberized polymer. It is easy to clean and chemically resistant.

Sizes and Prices

Model Length Width Height Phase Voltage CFM HP Price Shp Wgt(lbs)



DL9648 96 48 36 3 230 or 460 7800 3 $6495 1150 Pleated


72 36 34-38"* 1 220 3200


440 Pleated
M7236 72 36 Choose
1 110 2800 1 $2595 380 Pleated
M6033 60 33 1 110 2400 ¾ $2295 285 Pleated
M4845 48 45 1 110 2400 ¾ $2295 285 Pleated
M4836 48 36 1 110 2400 ¾ $2195 260 Pleated
M4831 48 31 1 110 2200 ¾ $1995 245 Pleated
M4826 48 26 1 110 1900 ¾ $1795 230 Pleated

*Adjustable from 34" - 38"


Satisfaction Guaranteed

All Sand Pro sanding stations ship with a 18 month limited warranty against defects under rated conditions and normal wear and tear.

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